Mustang Performance Parts 2

Biggest Bang for The Buck Performance

Mustang performance can come in many ways and forms, particularly when you compare classic cars to the more modern computerized ones.

But some performance Mustang parts seem to get the biggest bang for your hard earned dollar.

High Performance Headers:

Headers are probably the most important addition you can make to your car once you've added a performance air filter or a cold air induction kit.

Just a increasing the flow of air and oxygen into your motor creates more horse power, making sure that the exhaust completely exits the cylinder head before the next intake stroke takes place is extremely important.

A set of headers, or header if you are working on an early I6 or a 70's four cylinder can dramatically increase horse power and seat of the pants responsiveness.

JBA Headers - 1-5/8 Inch (Chrome) [86-93 Ford Mustang 351W]

A good pair of Mustang headers, is designed to be tuned to your motor with equal or unequal length tubes which exit each cylinder and gradually are bent into a merging point called a collector. One of the most popular classic Mustang headers types are called Tri-Y, after the shape and configuration of the tubes.

Later cars have a huge selection of manufacturers of headers. Although you won't see the Tri-Y configuration, you will see an assortment of long tube and short tube headers, the shortest of which are called shorty headers.

Generally, the least expensive headers tend to be thinner and may not be as well finished as better makes. Some of the big names in these headers include Hedman, BBK, Bassani, Flowtech, Hooker, SLP and others.

More details on the types of headers, plus the advantages and disadvantages of each can be found on the Mustang Headers page.

For more detailed explanations of the various systems as well as a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages check out the full information on the Mustang performance Headers page.

A High Performance Mustang Exhaust System

Just as a good set of headers help the motor exhale spent exhaust gasses, upgrading your exhaust system will increase your Mustang performance. A stock exhaust system is a compromise between flow for performance and your typical quiet OEM sound.

Unfortunately that means back pressure in the exhaust that restricts those gasses from leaving the motor. It's kind of like turning on a garden hose and sticking your thumb across the end to make more pressure. That restriction increases pressure backwards and forwards, but unfortunately at the expense of flow.

A good low pressure exhaust can be the final piece of the puzzle in the best bang for your buck performance parts for your ride.

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