Mustang Body Kits

Available mustang body kits fall into a few different categories, which roughly divide themselves between Ford's different generations of mustangs.

Classic mustangs from 1965- 1970

Body kits for these cars typically fiberglass panels and accessories, designed to turn your average first generation mustang into a replica of a Shelby mustang, covering 65,66,67 models, to transform them into clones of the real thing.

These kits have become so popular now, thanks primarily to various movies featuring these early Shelbys, that many of these transformed Fords have being given politically correct names.

Builders at auctions and in classified ads now refer to these early pony cars as "tribute cars".

These particular mustang body kits usually consist of a new front fiberglass nose resembling the original car, with a new grille, front bumpers and sometimes new rear ones, plus fiberglass replacement headlight buckets,or headlight doors. PLus a new matching hood, appropriate for the look of a vintage Shelby Mustang.

At the rear, you'll see a new trunk or deck lid, rear spoiler, new end caps for the tail lights, plus a new set of tail lights featuring the required sequential flashing lights and a new fiberglass cover for the rear valence, light area. Plus, true to form for the original Shelby Mustang, are a pair of reproduction chrome exhaust pipes exiting the new rear valence.

Once these panels are attached, prepped and painted, original style stripes and lettering is applied.

To add the finishing touch, new reproduction wheels are now available, but are not usually included in the typical kit.

The next bunch are not really kits, but specific add on parts for mechanically inclined enthusiasts who are restoring their cars, or those wanting to upgrade their look.

These parts can be used to change a plain jane sports roof car into the look of a Boss 302,351, or 429 or Mach 1, complete with new hoods,wheels,exhaust packages, air cleaner housings and trim pieces.

How far you want to go with the transformation is only limited by the thickness of your wallet.

The Eleanor Mustang body kit

The next most popular package for early mustangs, is the Eleanor body kit, which was made popular by the 2000 movie gone in 60 seconds.

IN fact, there are really two "eleanor" mustangs, because the current movie is actually a remake of the 1974 classic, which featured a 1973 fastback, or sports roof Mustang code named Eleanor.

In this version of gone in 60 seconds the car is supposed to be a 1973 mustang mach 1 fastback or sports roof , but is reputed to actually be a 1971 that was changed to look like the '73.

The most recent version of the car from the 2000 movie featuring Nicholas Cage, is a 1967 ford gt500 mustang sporting what is essentially a body kit.

That original car isn't really just one car either. There were apparently something like eleven 1967 Mustang fastbacks that were made up for the movie, for stunts, and other uses, of which, 2 of these were totalled in the making of the film.

This car was so popular with mustang fans, that body kits, mimicking the movie car's features have been created by several companies. This also means, that there is no such thing as a real Mustang Eleanor, so feel free to create your own. I'll be as genuine as any other!

And if you want to re-create the original, pretty much all you have to do, is find yourself a 1973 mustang, paint it gold, add stripes and you're good to go!

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