Stop Red Light Camera Tickets

With your Smartphone or GPS ?

Red light camera tickets are becoming more common wherever you drive. Because thousands of new Red light traffic cameras have gone in, all over North America and elsewhere.

I know, I just went through one..
red light camera tickets
I was right out of gas (dash readout said 0 miles) and didn't want to want to run out at the light just before the gas station, so I hurried through a yellow light that turned red as I followed a big truck.

After I made it through the intersection, and turned into the gas station, I realized that there was a red light camera.

Now I'm waiting to see if I get a ticket.

These cameras are your local government's easiest way to make more money. No extra police. No more cars. Just more cash, so chances are, you have some now or are in the process of getting these red light cameras too.

They've Got An App For That !

I wondered if there was some way to avoid another ticket, other than trying one of those plastic license plate covers that Mythbusters pretty decisively proved don't work. So what else can you do?

Well, it turns out there's a downloadable Red Light Camera and Speed detector that also identifies possible speed traps. It works on Garmin and most of the Magellan and Tom Tom GPS systems.

But I Don't Have A GPS

I don't. But fortunately you can use this same alert to to turn your Android phone into a stop light camera and speeding detector(which I do have).

This app makes it so that your smart phone can detect traffic light cameras, red light cameras, and speed traps. So your phone or GPS now acts as a virtual radar detector.

Here's how it works.

Start it up and you'll see your vehicle's location on a Google map. When you close in on a documented or reported radar trap or stoplight camera, you hear an alert sound. Then a female voice warns you of the possible speed trap or red light camera, so you can react quickly to avoid a ticket.

How cool is that?


speed camera radar detector

This doesn't make your GPS into an actual radar detector, but it does a whole bunch of things that radar detectors just can't do.

And as far as I'm concerned, those extra things are just icing on the cake. The database is constantly updated.

No more worrying about getting red light camera tickets. With this cool addition to your GPS or Android smartphone, it just just doesn't get any easier.

More Information

I's headed for my Android Galaxy S4 and if you think this might be what you need, here's a link to the Red Light Camera and Speed trap protector so you can get yours. And you can get it in either a 1 year, 3 years or lifetime coverage. How does that work? It's transferrable to your next GPS or smartphone and is constantly updated.

Pretty cool huh?

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