Classic Mustangs for sale

Classic Mustangs for sale are easy to find, however finding the right car for you is a bit trickier.

Find the rating that looks like you!

What should you look for?

What to look for in a classic pony car depends on whether you're looking for a jump in and drive it now, a restoration project, or something in between.

Skills vs Wallet:

No Skills: You love classic Mustangs, have a pretty good idea of what's a reasonable deal and what looks and feels like its well put together. Or you have a mechanic you can trust.


Limited Skills: If you have limited mechanical skills, but really want to do some of the work, then the kind of classic Mustangs that you want are probably cars that are almost finished restorations.

In the current economy, there are quite a few of these cars, right from 1964 1/2 Mustangs right up to the 1973 Mustang.

**** wallets

Medium Skills: You've done some mechanical repairs or bodywork.

More involved projects but no welding or mechanic's license required. Could involve installing carpeting and interior components, brakes, minor Bondo work and prep for painting.


Advanced Skills:You have your own workshop and tools,probably can do some minor welding and have taken on some projects in the past.

** wallets

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Where to find Your Next Ride

If your category is:

*****wallets: As you probably guessed,this can be the most expensive category, but even hard core restoration enthusiasts know, if you don't pick the right car and do your homework,you may have ended up better just buying a complete car, rather than what it cost to restore one.
Your best bet may be to search out services and businesses that offer good quality classics for sale. The newspaper is a no-no. I've seen more fakes masquerading as real prizes than I can count. Recently I saw a Mustang for sale that supposedly was bought of the Barrett-Jackson Auction and didn't even know how to spell it.

**** wallets: Pick your projects carefully. Prices should be one to several thousands less than the previous category.

*** wallets: Sift through online ads,local project car ads and maybe even scouring back lanes and farms. Also check classic car sales agencies and repair businesses. Many times they are reluctantly selling customer's half finished project Mustangs.

** wallets: You probably already know where to find a good restorable car at the right price, but the above applies too!

Or use the Google Search Box Below to find a good Classic Mustang for sale.

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