Mustang performance parts

Mustang performance parts are probably only second to wheels and tires as a first choice by enthusiasts to improve the looks and performance of their Mustang.

Performance parts encompass many systems on your car and can include something as simple to install as a high flow air filter, like K&M and Green Filters, to the more exotic add-ons like a supercharger.

Engine performance can be increased dramatically, with parts like nitrous oxide ( NOS ) kits, performance chips for computerized cars,super chargers,turbo kits, headers and much more.

Budget Mustang performance parts

In this section, we'll look at some of the best parts to kick your Mustang's performance to another level. So we'll start at some of the basics first. The parts that you can add with a minimum amount of money and time and mechanical skill.

High flow Air Filter:

A high flow air filter removes some of the restrictions to airflow into your engine. The increased air brings more oxygen and a cooler mixture, both of which can improve performance. To some extent, they can improve gas mileage as well, because they promote better, more complete combustion. Its probably the cheapest of all Mustang performance parts you can add. Later on,I'll compare different brands of high flow air filters, who sells them and how they compare.

Cold air intake:

Cold air induction goes hand in hand with a high flow air filter. Along with the usual great looking chrome cold air tube, connecting the air filter into the system,you will see a performance increase and some nice sounds when you accelerate. Check out the link for a how to article on installing one of these systems. Adding Mustang cold air induction.

Adding a Mustang cold air intake Sway bar:

Adding a stiffer front and rear sway bar and heavy duty urethane bushings can add some quick handling performance to your pony car.

A sway bar helps to decrease body roll and weight transfer when cornering, keeping you better stuck to the ground.


A new set of wheels not only can make your car look better, but coupled with a better quality tire, can improve Mustang performance around corners. Early cars came with small 14 inch wheels, and upgrading to even 16 or 17 inch wheels and low profile tires can improve handling and give you some of that "WOW" factor!

Performance Tires:

If you only do one thing,put on a good set of tires. Even with stock rims, quality tires can make a huge difference in handling and ride. - Revolutionizing Tire Buying

Once you start adding performance parts to your Mustang,making sure that you have the traction to get the power to the ground becomes a necessity. For example, its fairly easy to get power in a 2005 Mustang with the 4.0 liter V6 from its already respectable 210 horsepower,up to 275 horsepower with inexpensive add-on parts and far beyond the 300 horse power Mustang GT with a little more cash!

This ain't your Granny's Fairmont, Bubba.

Big Bang for the Buck Parts

Lets look at what parts you can add that get you a big bang for your performance buck. In Mustang performance parts part 2 Return to home

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