Mustang Wheels

Mustang Wheels, at least the original rims that came with your pony car are ok, but certainly don't do anything for putting your personal statement on your Ford pony car, or improve its handling.

A well chosen set of Mustang wheels, coupled to the right tires can do more to improve performance in wet and dry road conditions than any other accessory. Fortunately there are choices for cars as new as the 2010 Mustang GT and everything in between, from a Mach l to a Bullitt, to a Shelby and naturally all coupes, fastback models and convertibles.

Even a classic Mustang can benefit from some new wheels. Not only can you find hundreds of custom steel rims and alloys for an early car, you can also replace old ones with age correct reproduction pieces.

Or maybe you want to have more of an old school Mustang wheel and tire combination. Just imagine the look of your classic with some reproduction 5 spoke ET mags and some cool Redline tires. Oooh yeah!

Wheel Offset

Newer and older Mustangs looking to plant more rubber on the ground have more choices than ever, and that's where buying rims with the right offset can make all the difference between a good wheel well fit and even having to tub the rear of the car.

What is offset? That's how much of the bolt face area, or wheel center is placed forward or behind the halfway mark of the inside of the casting.

Positive Offset:Anything where the wheel center is past the half way mark of the wheel going towards the front or road side is called positive offset. Generally most front wheel drive cars, at least on the front wheels have a positive offset.

Negative Offset:Negative offset wheels have their wheel centers attached more than 50% past the middle of the inner and outer lips of the rim.

Zero Offset:As you probably guessed, a zero offset wheel is at exactly the halfway mark.

Choosing the best wheel and tire combination

Wherever you buy them, make sure they're going to properly fit on your Ford Mustang. Measure the wheelwells,check the tire guides online at places like the Tire Rack and make your choice wisely.

Choose your rim size wisely too. While replacing a factory 17" wheel with a 20 inch rim may look great, it will probably ride much harsher and is it the best choice if you want a better handling car?

If you want to cruise fat and wide, skinnies just won't cut it and nothing looks worse than a too narrow tire in a wheel well (unless it came that way).

Consider all these factors before you buy and you'll be happy for years.

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