Mustang Wheels

Here's find some cool varieties of Mustang wheels for your pony car. I've provided links for you to check them out for yourself.

Since many of the major aftermarket rim manufacturers make wheels for many vintages of pony cars, I've grouped them by manufacturer and provided some pictures to give you an idea of what's available. Click on the blue links for more detailed information or just click on the picture of the wheels you like. Links are at the bottom for some of the major sellers out there as well.

American Racing Wheels

Torq-Thrust M Chrome  Wheels Torq-Thrust M Chrome Plated Wheels
Marin Black Painted WheelsMarin Painted Black Wheels
Marin Chrome WheelsAmerican Racing Marin Chrome Plated Wheels
Phantom Machined Black Accent WheelsPhantom Machined Black Accent Wheels Rogue Chrome Plated WheelsRogue Chrome Wheels
American Racing TXM Chrome Plated WheelsTXM Chrome Wheels  Authentic Ansen Sprint Polished WheelsAuthentic Ansen Sprint Polished Wheels

ASA Wheels

ASA AR1 Chrome WheelsASA AR1 Chrome Wheels ASA AR6 With Anthracite Accents WheelsAR6 Wheels with Spoke Anthracite Accents GT1 Bright Silver Painted WheelsGT1 Bright Silver Painted Wheels

Avarus Rims

AV1 Chrome WheelsAV1 Chrome Wheels Avarus AV2 Bright Sil w/Pol Stainless Lip WheelsAvarus AV2 Bright Sil w/Pol Stainless Lip Wheels AV4 BMF w/Polished Stainless LipAV4 BMF w/Polished Stainless Lip

BBS Wheels

BBS AIR I AI Bright Silver Paint WheelsBBS AIR I AI Bright Silver Wheels BBS AIR II CK Polished w/Pol Stainless Lip WheelsBBS AIR II CK Polished Stainless Lip Wheels BBS CX-R Machined w/Black Accent WheelsCX-R Machined Wheels BBS RW Bright Silver Paint WheelsBBS RW Bright Silver Paint Wheels - Revolutionizing Tire Buying

It used to be, that if you bought these kinds of wheels over the net to save money, you still had to find a qualified shop to install them, but these days, a number of these companies have local partners to install and balance them and may even deliver them to that shop.

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