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Performance chips are a good bet for Mustang performance parts and merit consideration for computer controlled engines. The rationale behind one of these super chips is, that the prom or Programmable Read Only Memory is set at the factory as a compromise between driveability,gas mileage,emissions and performance.

Many times,the performance goes to the last place in favor of the other settings. If you could reprogram that chip,you could have a super chip, capable of getting the most performance out of the engine.

Performance chips help the engine computer to do many things,including adding more fuel at certain loads and rpms. It can also remove artificially limited speed limits on the car.

Along with improvements in overall performance, these performance chips can add specific changes to timing and fuel mapping to make a cold air intake work better,or adjust for octane.

Differences in Performance chips:

Some of these performance chips are not really chips, in the context of their original meaning. The Mustang performance parts chips section will compare types.

Mustang performance Intake and throttle body

The next key to a better breathing engine and more horsepower, are reducing the restrictions to flow of air and gas into the engine.

CLassic Mustang performance choices typically include a good aftermarket carburetor, such as a Holley or Edelbrock, which is properly jetted to the modifications you've made.

Bigger is not always better, so it's important to pick the right one.

A wide choice of intake manifolds are available for the early Mustang and again, names, like Holley,Edelbrock,Weiand and others produce intakes that can add power to your motor.

Later Mustangs, which have computer engine controls and fuel injection have parts to improve air and fuel flow.

Several companies manufacture an optimized intake plenum and larger throttle bodies, to get more air into the engine.

The performance intake section will go into this in more detail, including comparing various offerings from performance part manufacturers.

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