Mustang performance chips

Mustang performance chips are available for virtually any year of computer controlled mustang. These are also available for V6 mustangs.

Changes in the computer along the way make it necessary for applications by year and engine size as well as your planned use and modifications.

Some of these super chips manufacturers include, JET, SCT, DiabloSport,O2 Power chip,and Surge engineering just to name a few.

Mustang performance enhancing chips,like all performance chips are not created equal. So its important to look at the manufacturer's specs and applications before you buy.

Direct chip replacement:

Also, earlier computerized Mustangs had chips that could be physically removed and replaced. Newer cars, however have soldered in,non removable chips. Earlier designs, required you to de-solder and remove the old chip and plug in a new one.

Newer setups actually intercept and change the signals,so that the integral chips stay put.

Reflashing or Reprogramming:

The other alternative, which is used, is known as either reflashing, or reprogramming the ECU (Electronic control unit) or computer.

What to expect from Performance chips and Reprogramming:

Advertised increases of 15-30 HP in non supercharged cars and upwards of 35 HP in supercharged cars, not including that added from a pulley kit are about what you can expect from super chips or using a programmer.

These also have the ability of changing timing and adjusting shift points, to better maximize the new fuel map settings and changes in horsepower and torque.

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