Mustang Gifts

For your Favorite Ford Mustang Enthusiast

Whether it's a birthday or a Christmas, Mustang gifts will be a prized gift for your favorite Ford Mustang enthusiast.

Great Gift Ideas

Some of the perennial favorite gifts for Mustang lovers include wearables, like a Mustang Jacket, t-shirt or Ford Mustang hats .

Good quality Ford Mustang watches , are something that can be worn anywhere. And they're not just for guys. You'll find some nice ladies Mustang watches too.

If your favorite enthusiast is a computer user, then you might want to consider one of a cool new Ford Mustang mouse complete with racing stripes and glowing headlights.

A Mustang Gift for Younger and Mature Fans

mustang diecast car

A Mustang diecast car is a great gift for all ages. They're strong and great looking and sturdy enough for younger fans to play with.

For the mature enthusiast, a collector quality Mustang diecast car in his or her favorite model and year is a great start, or addition to a Ford Mustang collection.

Buying Gifts for the Mustang Enthusiast Online

Believe it or not, you can find a much wider selection of Mustang gift ideas on the web. Most box stores try to carry a wide variety of diecast cars and car maker themed clothing and accessories.

But for the best selection of Mustang only products, particularly those older vintages, the net is the way to go.

I've never been able to find much more than the most popular mustang vintages, so I've compiled several sections of Mustang diecast cars, running the gamut from the original 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang, right up to the newest models (Shelby too). See the links on the left for Mustangs grouped by years.

Having your own personal copy of the more rare Mustangs, or the exact year of diecast Mustang for the car that you own or would like to own, is something owners and enthusiasts appreciate.

Mustang Accessories as Gifts

There are a lot of inexpensive Mustang accessories, available that make great gifts, such as Mustang floor mats , seat covers, billet grilles, custom rear view mirrors and side mirrors, just to name a few.

For the hard core enthusiast, there are the more serious toys, like a Nitrous oxide kit, or a cold air intake , designed to add some serious horsepower to their favorite pony car.

Mustang Restoration Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment that make the job easier can be good gifts too. It just may take a bit of detective work, and asking some good questions.

Your typical classic Mustang restoration project is going to take some work with items like a small sandblaster, or a grinder.

Bigger projects can need bigger tools or specialty equipment. Some things to consider, are die grinders and regular grinders, welding gloves and welding helmet.

Maybe even a good quality shop manual. They're not cheap, but taking a car completely apart and rebuilding it, needs more than your usual tune up book. Forget that tie or generic "Best Dad" coffee cup and get them the gift deserving of a Ford Mustang enthusiast! This could be the best gift they've ever had!

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