Mustang floor mats

Mustang floor mats are a popular addition to any year of pony car, from the classic 1965 to the cutting edge 2010 Mustang GT.

If you're looking for something to protect your floors and carpet or add that final custom finishing touch with some specialty embroidered Mustang floor mats, this is the place to start.

Types of Floor Mats

Standard OEM replacement floor mats

These are direct replacements for the originals from Ford and can be found at your local Ford parts store. As well, very similar replacement mats can be found online, that are good quality and typically are much less expensive than the genuine Ford parts.

One way you can get the original equipment fit and finish is to pick up some Ford Motor Company officially licensed Mustang floor mats like the ones below, from Auto Custom Carpets.

Licensed Ford Mustang Floor Mats Show Quality Concours replacement floor mats

This is a copy of the original vintage floor mats that would have been found in a new early pony car. Special mats, for instance, were seen on the Shelby Cobra, or in a classic pony interior.

Elements that a discerning eye would notice are included in these mats, and usually the original materials and even the composition of the carpet fibers may be copied.

Custom Mats

There are some pretty cool and out of the ordinary mats out there for that wow factor. Some of these include the new diamond plate mats by Intro-Tech, which look a lot like the metal checker plate.

There's also the Hexomat, which has a cool carbon fiber kind of vibe to it. Looks real good on a 2005 to 2010 Mustang.

Somewhere between the diamond plate and the Hexomat are the RubberTite rubber floor mats, which as you can guess are all rubber, but have a very modern look to them and have little round cups to hold water,snow and dirt. Along with the standard colors you might expect, they also have one that's clear. They're cheap too!

For a kind of modern-retro look, you might want to investigate an Intro-Tech floor mat, which has that rolled under Berber, that's like a larger loop version of a classic carpet.

Coco floor mats are made by a few companies and although they were never standard equipment on an early Mustang, they do add a certain retro look as they were popular additions in the 60's and 70's. Coco mats typically have a very open weave for that surf dude look.

CoverKing makes made to order floor mats of heavy weight carpeting, guaranteed to fit your mustang.

CoverKing Mats fit: 05 06 07 08 09

Winter or bad weather driving floor mats

These products are designed to wick off water and snow into deep valleys and keep them away from your pant legs and shoes.

Husky floor mats are one of these and make heavy flexible mats for the mustang, with the channels to wick away the water.

Most are manufactured with some kind of flexible rubber and have no carpeting, but come in various colors to complement your interior.

A few really inexpensive ones are made of a fairly brittle thermoplastic material and although they do the job, probably won't last the season

(ask me how I know that...)

For your convenience, I've included some links to suppliers for you to check out.

Sources of Mustang mats

2005 - 2010

Diamond Plate:

2005 Mustang Diamond Plate Floor Mats

2006 Mustang Diamond Plate

2007-2008 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate Mats

2009 Ford Mustang Diamond Plate

2010 Mustang Mats Diamond plate


2005 Mustang Hexomat Floor Mats

2006-2008 Mustang Hexomat mats

2009-2010 Mustang Hexomat Mats

2005 - 2010 Berber Ford Mustang Mats

Bad Weather Mats:
2005 - 2010 Mustang WeatherTech Floor Mats

2005 - 2008 Ford Mustang Husky Heavy Duty Floor Mats

2005 -2009 Mustang RubberTite Mats

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