Eleanor Mustang body kits

Eleanor mustang body kits are produced by a number of manufacturers for cars for 1964 1/2, 1965,1966,1967 and 1968 models.

Although the movie car features a fastback, you can find these mustang body kits to fit a coupe or convertible.

Regardless of the year, this is pretty much a bolt on project and requires the removal of the stock bumper,hood,grill,headlight doors,horse and corral and lower valence at the front.

For the rear, the tail lights, stock rear quarter panel extensions, valence and sometimes the bumper need to be removed.

You will then bolt on the new front upper and lower nose sections, and attach the hood to the factory hinges. Then reattach the hood latch and striker hardware,new headlight buckets,grille, headlights and trim.

At the rear end you will attach the new quarter panel extensions,tail panel which houses the tail lights,bumper,valence, tail lights and trim. Some packages also include a new trunk lid.

Finally you attach the side skirts which serve as exhaust covers. If you want functional side pipes and they are legal in your area, you will have to have the exhaust pipes redone.

Only basic tools are needed for these operations including a socket wrench set, wire cutters, crimpers, wire connectors and screwdrivers

The Mustang Bullitt

Steve Mcqueen, in the 1968 movie Bullitt, drove a green high performance 1968 fastback Mustang with a 390 big block V8 and was of course seen in the required high speed chases often seen in the action movies of that age.

Car fans, following the movie have noticed, like the later tv police show, Starsky and Hutch, that the interiors of both cars had automatic stick shifters, but both can be heard to make the sounds of a stick car!

The appearance of the car is as a result of some early product placement by Ford Motor Company, who lent the cars to the show and retained possession of the one surviving car, which eventually was sold. Its present location is rumored to be somewhere in Ohio.

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