Mustang body kits

The Bullitt Mustang continued

The next Mustang body kits centered around a concept car from Ford to bring back the clean aggressive lines of the original movie car.

Ford re-created its Bullitt Mustang in 2001 and over 5,000 special edition cars in the Dark Highland Green, which was only available on these cars and was similar to the movie car color plus they were also available in True Blue and Black.

The 2001 incarnation features the mustang pony in chrome with a body color corral as well as a big, race style fuel door.

As most Mustang fans know, Ford has again released the Bullitt, this time for the 2008 model and was available in only the Dark Hyland Green and Black. The most striking part of the car is the fact that it is "de-chromed". No pony and corral on the grille, no chrome anywhere to be seen except for the 2 gleaming chrome pipes exiting the rear valence.

So Making your 2001 to present Mustang into a Bullitt, really only requires some paint and detail changes to resemble the ones from Ford. If you want to go a bit further, you can add red Brembo calipers and lower that suspension 3/4" like they did at FoMoCo and buy some Bullitt Side Scoop Delete parts.

Roush, Saleen and other Body Kits

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