Mustang body kits Part 4


Other popular mustang body kits for 1999-2004 cars include pieces to emulate the wild offerings from Roush Performance with Ford's seal of approval.

Roush is well known for its owner Jack Roush, Roush racing and their ties to performance and Ford.

Some of their formidable cars include the Roush Stage 1,2 and stage 3 packages and the formidible 427R 2007 Mustang. They continue to produce tuned cars through the 2010 model,so there will no doubt be Roush styling packages continuing into the future.

Yes, that's right they also produce their own packages! There are other manufacturers of Roush styled packages covering your favorite model.


Saleen has been associated with the Ford Mustang since 1984 when it introduced its first street car.

Over the years, it has introduced the now famous SC, the S351 named after its 351 cubic inch engine,the S281 and S281 extreme, the H302 as well as the wild S7, which sadly was not a Mustang, but introduced in 2007. Finally, the 435S was new for 2010.

There are a number of Saleen inspired packages on the market, both for 99-04 cars and for the newest generation 2005 and up cars.

The kits usually include a new front fascia, grille, fog lights, rear fascia, lip spoiler and an exhaust kit that varies depending on the year of Saleen that the kit is designed to emulate.

Mustang Ground Effects

Mustang Ground effects are more than a simple bolt on kit to make your car look great (but they do). Ground effects actually make your car stick to the ground better and that means better handling.

Follow the link to technical information, ground effects parts,pictures and Mustang ground effects kits.

The rest of the pack

There are many more manufacturers of body kits and many enthusiasts agree that some of these offerings far surpass their more popular named competition.

Some of these names are Steeda,3d carbon,sarona,b magic,razzi,and xenon.

The listings in mustang body kits part 5 explore these in detail.

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