Jay Leno 2011 Mustang Video

Heard about the new Jay Leno 2011 Mustang Video?

If anyone knows about Mustangs and hot cars, it's Jay Leno.

Leno has a stable of muscle cars, classics, race cars and exotics, larger than what you'd find in most car museums.

Wondering what he thinks of the new 412 horsepower Mustang?

I'll let him speak for himself in the "Mustang Section" of his garage.

Other 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 Videos on the Site

Here's some links to the other 2011 pony car videos you can find here.

The 2011 V8 and V6 Videos

And Some New Mustang Videos From Ford

Ford also recently supplied some tasty new videos showing the kind of performance on tap from both the new 5.0 Mustang V8 and the other TRI-VCT engine, the V6, which pounds out a very impressive 305 horsepower. Here's the link to the new Ford Videos

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