How to Find out the Engine ID Number?

by Troy
(Riverside CA ,USA)


I need to find out if my heads are a 4 barrel or 2 barrel.

The reason is is I'm getting a new carb and want to make sure I get the right one. It's a 1971 Mustang with a 351c engine.


Your VIN code (vehicle identification Number) is the place to find out which engine is in your 71 Ford Mustang.

Here's a breakdown for the 1971 Powerplants:

Engine Code and Size:

V8 429 CID 4bbl Cobra Jet
V8 302 CID 2bbl
V8 351 CID 2bbl
V8 429 CID 4bbl Cobra Jet Ram Air
I6 250 CID 1bbl
V8 351 CID 4bbl
V8 351 CID 4bbl Ram Air
V8 351 CID 4bbl Boss

Want more detailed information for the 71 Mustang? Click here.

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by: Todd

Is there a # on the block a guy can go by? The engine in my mustang is not the original. I've been told it might be a 302.

How do I tell for sure when the vin # will not work?
Thanks for your answer.


Hi Todd

I can give you some information, but without more details, it's just not possible to zero in on exactly what you have.

What I'd suggest, is using the contact me form and adding as much information as you have on the year, numbers that you can read from the block etc.

However, the quick and dirty way to find out at least whether or not you have a 302 or a 289/260 is to pull off a valve cover and look at the stamping.

The 302 clearly has that number, by itself on the casting, usually on the middle to middle left hand side and is easily visible, as it's raised numbering and separate from any other numbers.


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