Fox Body Parts

There are a tremendous amount of fox body parts for your 1979 to 1993 Mustang.

These fall into several categories and we'll have a look at some of the most popular and important ones. I'll also provide some listings for the more mundane stuff to make it easier to find them. Plus I'll give you some sources of used fox body parts that you may want to check out.

I'm a believer in used parts in non critical areas and new or high performance parts for uses that could either cause catastrophic failures or just plain cost you money, time or frustration.

Mustang Replacement Parts

Mustang replacement parts, for the most part can be easily found at your local auto parts store.

They can be found online as well, and most of the major auto parts companies are also on the net.

Did you know?

Most of the Mustang performance part companies also sell direct replacement fox body mustang parts including tune up parts,wires,coils and even engine computers.

Mustang Performance parts

Performance for the fox body cars is easy to find and the parts are pretty cheap too!

The Performance Section:

Check out the Performance Parts sections for a detailed breakdown of how they work,why they work and what level of mechanical skill you need to get the job done yourself.

Important technical Information:

I've also been adding some background on the manufacturers, so you know how long they've been around and what technically they have done, that may or may not make them a worthwhile choice for your car.

The left navigation bar has the performance parts in sections, but here's a quick link to jump to the performance section.

Used fox body Mustang parts

Used parts are many times a good alternative to new ones.

The great thing about the 1979 to 1993 cars is that there are many interchangeable parts. Your typical auto wrecker is a good choice for the newer vehicles, but you'll need to find the ones that specialize in older vehicles, as most feature cars that are no older than 10 years old.


Your local buy and sell and Craigslist can be a goldmine for fox body parts. In my area, there are tons of parts listed for sale.

Also, although its not what it used to be, Ebay is a good choice for harder to get parts.

Finally, many mustang restoration parts businesses,that also have a website, also sell used parts, although it may take a phone call to find this out.

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