The Fastest 2010 Ford Mustang?

Could this be the fastest 2010 Ford Mustang on the planet?

Quickest Cobra

The following video shows what just may be the quickest 2010 Ford Mustang or Cobra in existence. How does a 9.66 quarter mile sound?

This well massaged 2010 Cobra, equipped with a whipple charger started out not long ago as a stock Cobra and was not long getting into the 10 second territory, which is pretty darn quick for any stock looking street legal car, but the was just the beginning. Check out this video.

This wild 2010 GT500 was put together by Lethal Performance and pulls a 9.66 at 146.19 miles per hour. The machine is running a 4.0L Whipple Charger producing 21.5 psi. They figure there's more on tap yet, with a better dialed in suspension and then push up the boost even higher, with a goal of an 8 second car.

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