Epoxy Primer Surfacer

An Epoxy Primer Surfacer produces a very strong and non porous surface to fill small imperfections in the sheet metal on your Mustang. It's great for easily covering marks left by coarse grit sandpaper, minor scratches and for a base to apply your body filler.

Unlike a regular lacquer primer which can allow moisture to get directly to the metal underneath, a good epoxy primer keeps the surface waterproof.

Spraying 2-3 coats of this high build primer will even out low areas between your body filler and putty and the surrounding bare metal and once sanded, help you achieve a nice smooth and wave free surface.

Similar to Bondo or an other auto body filler, it's mixed with a catalyst, prior to applying. And once dry, will be tack free and ready to go.

It's also good to use as a barrier, to prevent paint bleed through on highly pigmented colors such as red, so your nice new white paint doesn't turn into a streaky pink or maybe white with red streaks.

After a little block sanding, the surface of your Ford Mustang body will be a lot more even and hopefully ready for paint.

Lets move to part 3 of the 65 Mustang restoration and see what else we need to do, to finish the panel which was sprayed with the primer surfacer.

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