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Jul 26, 2012
1972 Mustang Grande Rear Spoiler Option?
by: Anonymous

Question Re: 1972 Mustang Grande

Was the rear spoiler an option on the 72 Grande?


The 1972 Mustang models that were available with the optional deck spoiler were sportsroof (fastback) cars and the Mach 1 Mustang, which were all equipped with the sportsroof.

Unlike the other models, which offered an optional vinyl roof, the 1972 Ford Mustang Grande came equipped standard with a deluxe vinyl roof, with a total of 5 cloth and vinyl trims.

To further complement the wide array of standard and optional colors, there were five different vinyl roof colors that could be ordered.

Engine Choices

Ford offered four engine choices for the Grande models. The standard engine was a 250 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine, while performance oriented enthusiasts were able to order the optional Mustang 302 cubic inch v8, equipped with a 2 barrel carburetor, a 351 cubic inch V8 engine and two barrel carburetor, as well as the and more powerful 351 Cubic inch small block engine and a 4 barrel carburetor.

Cheers! B

Apr 11, 2012
Interior parts
by: MSolberg

Hey i like the ride. I also have a 72 Grande, but am having trouble locating door panels that fit the power windows. If you know where to look, let me know. Would be much appreciated.

Good Luck with your restore.


Mar 29, 2011
Check out this Notchback (Real one)
by: Medley

Have a look at the Notchback on the Club site of the Nova Scotia Mustang Club Page. I have almost finished the entire restoration. I am in Canada.

Apr 05, 2010
engine specs
by: brett

My Grande is a factory 351 2V Cleveland in front of a FMX auto and a nine inch differential and they all have matching numbers.

I just got a Marti report and a Eminger Invoice sent to me from the USA (you really got to love that lady for keeping all the original invoices from the DEARBORN FACTORY.

It just lets me know how original and untouched my Mustang is.

And another thing I love about importing and working on a USA car is when you remove the back seat and find US money its a extra delight here in Australia.

Apr 05, 2010
More on my Grande
by: brett

Hi guys its me again from Australia. I'm just letting you know my progress on my 1972 Mustang Grande.

I had a water leak into my boot area, so i jumped into the boot and had my wife water the out side. I found that the back window and tail lights were leaking the water.

So I removed them and found that the bottom frame of my rear window was rusted out and so was the bottom section of my tail lights. I've already welded in new sections.

I'm ok with the rust. What can you expect from a car this old right?

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