4.6 Liter Police Interceptor Engine In a Mustang ?

by Thomas Collins
(Coventry,RI 02816)


Are the engine components the same (stock) 1997 4.6 liter V8 in a police interceptor?


Yes. If you are looking at swapping a 4.6 Liter Police Interceptor Engine In a Mustang, it's straight forward. There are no important physical differences between the police interceptor engine and the standard one.

Something to keep in mind, is that a Police interceptor package combines a stock engine with other heavier duty suspension and cooling components, as well as a higher output alternator.

In terms of component strength it's the same engine, but ( I assume because of restrictions) the interceptor engine is only rated at 190 horsepower, compared to 215 horsepower you see in the 1997 Mustang specs.

If you are buying a used motor, however, there is a big difference. That's the fact that you can expect these engines to have been subjected to hard use and of course, will have high mileage, unless it came out of a low mileage wreck.

Hope that helps.

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