The 2012 Boss 302 TracKey

Red Means Race

Remember the valet switch? The 2012 Boss 302 TracKey, is going to be the key to all out racing fun.

For those fortunate few who will have the privilege of owning one of the new 2012 Mustang Boss 302 cars, Ford and Ford Racing have teamed up to make this street legal race car even mor exciting.

2012 Boss 302 Race

We now know know that this car was born and bred on the race track,(see the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 story) in the form of the Boss 302R. But what we didn't know until now, was that Ford was going to offer up the chance for owners to test out the high end capabilities of these screamers on the track.

Yeah, I know... Porsche and several other manufacturers also offer up a special "driving experience" day, to get their owners up to handling the capabilities of their vehicles. But this one is a bit different.

2012 Mustang Boss Track key

First off, they won't have something like the new Ford Racing 2012 Boss 302 TracKey.

And what exactly is this "track Key" thing ?

Well, nothing more than transforming your new Boss 302 Mustang from a competent street car, into a completely race re-programmed vehicle at the turn of a key.

With a little assistance from the techs at your local Ford Racing dealer, you will receive two different looking car keys. The first is a cool looking Black Boss logo key, which as you'd expect, starts the car.

The other key is red and provides a completely different driving experience from the black one.

2012 boss 302 mustang engine

Dubbed the 2012 Boss 302 TracKey, turning the key, signals the engine computer to fire up a second special engine and powertrain computer and puts the Boss into track mode.

Turning the red 2012 Boss 302 TracKey in the ignition switch causes all sorts of interesting things to happen.

Engine Management and Performance Modifications

The new Mustang has two completely different powertrain management systems integrated into the one engine computer. The track key tells the computer to enter into what is actually the Boss 302R race car engine management mode.

In this mode, 200 different revisions to the engine and driving settings, including spark timing, fuel management, brake saving and others are accomplished in the blink of an eye.

mustang boss grille

Anything that would hinder all out performance is removed. Set to maximum output, the engine even idles differently.

Part of these revisions allows the computer to revise the engine's variable cam timing strictly for maximum performance. Remember those old Skool rumpty rump cams?

These revisions also include bumping up low end torque and even making throttle response much more aggressive.

And you thought the thrill was gone....

The TracKey Includes Launch Control

If you've followed the Cobrajet race car, you'll know that in order for all that big horsepower to get to the ground, Ford devised an all electronically activated system called launch control.

That system allowed drivers to set the maximum launch rpm, to help reduce wheelspin and launch the car at the optimum revs for the track condition.

Press a few steering wheel buttons to set your desired rpm and you're ready to go.

Track Key is Dealer Installed

Although every Ford Mustang Boss will have the ability to use the 2012 Boss 302 TracKey system, the trac key system calibration and special race enable key is available only through a Ford Racing dealership installation.

A Race Car Experience for 2012 Boss 302 Owners

You remember earlier, I said that 2012 Boss 302 owners, with or without this slick setup, will have the opportunity to see just what these cars can do on the race track in the

Boss Track Attack experience.

Well, If you're an owner who's willing to do a little traveling, you could very well enjoy the driving experience of your life.

For full details, check out the blue link above.

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