1996 3.8 V6 in a 1999 Mustang

by Tricia
(Elkridge, MD)

Question: Swapping a 1996 3.8 V6 in a 1999 Mustang

Can you tell me if a 1996 engine v6 3.8 will fit in a 99 Mustang?


The answer to swapping an earlier V6 into your 99 Mustang is yes AND no.

Yes, the older 3.8 liter V6 will fit, but what needs to be dealt with, is the differences in the PCM (computer) and the two different styles of cam synchronizer (ie. 2 and 3 wire types). After that, a system tune will be necessary to account for any different variables.

Other than that, once the wiring differences are dealt with, swapping a 1996 3.8 V6 in a 1999 Mustang is straightforward. And I'm assuming you are talking about going from a v6 car to a 'V6 car.

A word of warning: Unless you are getting this engine for free I think you are going to be dissatisfied with the performance difference you'll feel when swapping a 1996 3.8 V6 in a 1999 Mustang.

For more complete details, check out the 1999 Mustang section. But the bottom line is, that you are going to go from a 190 horsepower V6 to a 150 horsepower engine.

That's a 25% drop in horsepower and you are absolutely going to notice that difference.

So if you have a choice, and are going to go to the trouble of switching wiring and PCM, why not simplify things and get another 1999 3.8 V6 or if you want an upgrade in horsepower, get the even newer 210 horsepower V6.


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