1992 5.0 GT Mustang Engine - Restriction ?


I have a stock 1992 5.0 GT Mustang convertible, that I think is too slow, compared to other stock mustangs.

Is there something constraining, to full capacity, the engine?


Without knowing the full circumstances of your 1992 Mustang's engine and any modifications, I's hard to say if there is some kind of restriction that's causing you to lose performance.

The 1992 Mustang Specs are a solid 225 horsepower in stock form.

But these cars are so easy to add more horsepower to, that you may find yourself comparing your stock engine to others with performance modifications.

The cheapest and easiest mods for the 92 Ford Mustang 5.0 are designed to help it breathe better. That would include adding a good set of ""shorty" headers, a larger tube exhaust system and some good free flowing mufflers.

Also, a cold air kit, can add some inexpensive horsepower and be less restrictive.

If you really want your 1992 5.0 GT Mustang Engine to come to life, you could consider upgrading it with a performance chip, nitrous oxide injection or a higher numerical ratio rear end.

All of these modifications, save the last one, are quite easy to do and will result in much improved acceleration.

Hope this helps!

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