1986 Mustang

The 1986 Mustang was again one of minor exterior change. While import cars showed complete style and engine changes every 3 years, Ford seemed content to make for the most part, inconsequential changes and build them up with lots and lots of advertising.
1986 ford mustang svo

Exterior Styling changes:

Only minor changes were apparent on the 1986 Ford Mustang body, with a new safety mandated high mounted stop light in the rear.

Engine and Powertrain:

The the list of available engine options changed slightly, but the engines themselves, in the case of the V8's were the big news.

The standard 2.3 liter inline 43 cylinder remained at 88 horsepower, and the 3.8 liter V6 was 120 hp. The 2.3 SVO engine lost 5 horsepower and dropped to 200, while the 5.0 liter 4 barrel carburetor high output V8 received the emissions friendly heads from Ford's passenger car V8's. Even with the addition of a new sefi (sequential fuel injection ) system, power was reduced 10 horse power to 200.

Stiff competition in the OEM performance market led a hasty retreat by the end of the model year, with Ford replacing these new to the Mustang cylinder heads with the better performing earlier design.

Changes to the engine block were made for strength and durability and probably were the beginnings of the new power program Fomoco would roll out later.

The rear axle was swapped out for a beefier and larger (8.8') differential. Clutch size was increased by half an inch.

Interior changes:

The only significant change to the interior was one for the 86 Mustang GT enthusiasts, who now had the option of two colors if they ordered the optional leather seats.

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