1970 Boss Front End On A 1971 Mustang

The 1970 Boss Mustang, was and is, one of the most popular pony cars Ford ever produced.

1970 Boss 302 Mustang


I have a 1971 Mustang, Can I put a 1970 Boss 302 front end on the 1971 frame????


Although anything is possible (I've seen a 1970 body on a 2006 Mustang), adding a 1970 Boss 302 or 429 front end is going to be a difficult swap.

The 1971 Ford Mustang, was a major restyling and re-engineering project, which not only added extra sheet metal and weight, also changed the arrangement of the engine bay and inner panels.

This is going to mean some major fabrication, both in mating the fenders to the fender aprons, but also in the fit of the hood.

The other obstacle to this swap, is then mating the front end, with the lines of the restyled doors. Again, this means some reshaping of the lines of the doors, flowing from the fenders.

If you are good at welding, and fabrication, then it might just make an interesting project.

If that's something you're willing to do, I'd suggest that you start first, by picking up a front fender, removing yours and do a little trial fitting, to see if it's worth your while.


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