1965 Mustang Parts

Here's some sources for 1965 Mustang parts and 1964 1/2 Mustang parts in this section.

Although both Ford Mustang models are considered by Ford simply as being a 1965 Mustang, there are differences in many parts, both from a restoration perspective and finding the right aftermarket parts.

Differences in engine parts occur because early cars had a generator rather than an alternator based electrical system.

Body parts differ,due to different stamping methods for items such as the hood and headlight doors.

Interior replacement parts for these Mustangs are more similar, but items such as carpeting are slightly different depending on the date of manufacture. 1965 mustang gt convertible

More detail on these specific differences can be found in the 1964 1/2 and 1965 sections.

I've classified the parts below into some popular categories and listed several sources and manufacturers that you can check out.

Specialty parts such as body kits, Eleanor kits and Shelby Mustang parts are listed separately if they warrant a larger description.

1964 1/2 to 1965 Engine and Electrical Parts


1965 mustang msd starter If your car has been sitting for years or even decades and starter has not been used, you may need a replacement. And if you've gone all out on that engine and need a beefier starter to kick that high compression engine, then a 1965 to 1995 MSD high performance Starter

Mustang Alternator Replacement

Not sure if you need a new alternator or need to know how to replace one? Check out the following link to find out if replacing Mustang alternator components or some other parts are needed.

Suspension and Shocks

A good guess, if the car you're restoring has been in shambles, the shocks will be no different. Restoring or even improving the factory ride is easy with new shocks. If you need to buy shocks, check out this link for Monro-Matic Plus Front Shock Absorber

The great thing about these shocks, is that not only will they dramatically improve your ride ( my old ones tested fine, but these rode trememdously better! ) they are cheap, compared to most things you're likely to need when doing a classic Mustang restoration.

Interior Parts and Accessories

Check out the Mustang seat covers section for some good looking protection for your pony car!

High Performance Power Adders

If you're looking for the ultimate in bolt on performance, the supercharged Mustang section

You can also find detailed information on how a supercharger works and detailed information on terms and principles of blower operation. Great stuff, no matter what kind of vehicle your have.

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