1965 Mustang Data Plate Codes - Decoder

What do those 1965 Mustang Data Plate Codes on your door jamb mean? Decoding these codes reveal important original equipment and paint code information on your 1965 Ford Mustang coupe, convertible or fastback.

1965 mustang data plate

These letter and number codes show details on your Body Style, Exterior Color, Type of Trim (such as standard or pony interior ), Date of Manufacture, District Sales Office, Axle Ratio and Transmission type.

When you are restoring a classic Ford Mustang, you may want to restore it to it's original color and interior, or you are looking to buy a completely restored Mustang and want to decode the data plate to ensure that the color on the car is true to the original, since you plan to enter it for judging in a Mustang show. This is where checking out your 1965 Mustang data plate codes can be invaluable.

Mustang Data Plate Decoder

Over the years a previous owner may have changed the color or modified the interior to such an extent, that it's not possible to tell without some original information.

Use this 1965 Mustang data plate decoder to find all the original specs for your car.

Body Style

Alpha numerical codes denote the body styles:

63A Fastback/standard interior

63B Fastback/deluxe interior

65A Coupe/standard interior

65B Coupe/deluxe interior

65C coupe/bench seat

76A Convertible/standard interior

76B Convertible/deluxe interior

76C Convertible/bench seat

Exterior Paint Code

A/9A Raven Black

B/2B Midnight Turquoise

C/6C Honey Gold

D/3D Dynasty Green

H/5H Caspian Blue

I Champagne Beige

J/3J/J9 Rangoon Red

K/3K Silversmoke Gray

M/5M Wimbledon White

O Tropical Turquoise

P/4P Prairie Bronze

R Ivy Green

V Sunlight Yellow

X Vintage Burgandy

Y Silver Blue

Z Chantilly Beige

3/3B Poppy Red

8 Springtime Yellow

Interior Trim Code

22 Blue Vinyl / Blue Trim

25 Red Vinyl / Red Trim

26 Black Vinyl / Black Trim

27 Aqua Vinyl / Aqua Trim

29 Palomino Vinyl / Palomino Trim

D2 White / Blue Trim

D3 White / Burgundy Trim

D5 White / Red Trim

D6 White / Black Trim

D7 White / Aqua Trim

D8 White / Ivy Gold Trim

D9 White w/ Palomino Trim

62 Blue and White / deluxe

65 Red deluxe

66 Black deluxe

67 Aqua and White / deluxe

68 Ivy Gold and White deluxe

69 Palomino deluxe

F2 Parchment / Blue Trim / deluxe

F3 Parchment / Burgundy Trim / deluxe

F4 Parchment / Emberglo Trim / deluxe

F5 Parchment / Red Trim / deluxe

F6 Parchment / Black Trim / deluxe

F7 Parchment / Aqua Trim / deluxe

F8 Parchment / Ivy Gold Trim / deluxe

F94 Parchment / Palomino Trim / deluxe

32 Blue Vinyl / Blue Trim / Bench

35 Red Vinyl / Red Trim / Bench

36 Black Vinyl / Black Trim / Bench

39 Palomino / Palomino Trim / Bench

C2 Parchment / Blue Trim / Bench

C3 Parchment / Burgundy Trim / Bench

C4 Parchment / Emberglo Trim / Bench

C6 Parchment / Black Trim, Bench

C7 Parchment / Aqua Trim / Bench

C8 Parchment / Ivy Gold Trim / Bench

C9 Parchment / Palomino Trim / Bench

Manufacturing Date

**N Day / January

**P Day / February

**Q Day / March

**R Day / April

**S Day / May

**T Day / June

**U Day / July

**V Day / August

**W Day / September

**X Day / October

**Y Day / November

**Z Day / December

District Sales Office (DSO)

11 Boston

12 Buffalo

13 New York

14 Pittsburgh

15 Newark

21 Atlanta

22 Charlotte

23 Philadelphia

24 Jacksonville

25 Richmond

26 Washington

31 Cincinnati

32 Cleveland

33 Detroit

34 Indianapolis

35 Lansing

36 Louisville

41 Chicago

42 Fargo

43 Rockford

44 Twin Cities

45 Davenport

51 Denver

52 Des Moines

53 Kansas City

54 Omaha

55 St. Louis

61 Dallas

62 Houston

63 Memphis

64 New Orleans

65 Oklahoma City

71 Los Angeles

72 San Jose

73 Salt Lake City

74 Seattle

81 Ford of Canada

83 Government

84 Home Office Reserve

85 American Red Cross

89 Transportation Services

90-99 Export

Axle Ratio

1 3.00:1 Standard Differential

2 2.83:1 Standard Differential

3 3.20:1 Standard Differential

4 3.25:1 Standard Differential

5 3.50:1 Standard Differential

6 2.80:1 Standard Differential

7 3.80:1 Standard Differential

8 3.89:1 Standard Differential

9 4.11:1 Standard Differential

A 3.00:1 Locking Differential

C 3.20:1 Locking Differential

D 3.25:1 Locking Differential

E 3.50:1 Locking Differential

F 2.80:1 Locking Differential

The 1965 Mustang Data Plate Codes can also be used to piece together a new reproduction data plate if your is either damaged or missing.

Many times this can happen if another door is used in crash repair, or you are restoring a car from a rusted or incomplete shell.

New Data Plate

If your data plate is damaged or lost, you can now replace it with a new reproduction data plate.

For about $30.00 you can send in your 1965 Mustang Data Plate Codes information and they will produce a new one for you.

Most classic Mustang parts sellers offer original looking, reproduction hollow center rivets, just like the originals which can be gently tapped into place with a small hammer.

Note: Although there are similarities between the model years, these codes differ from year to year, so if you are looking for date codes for your 1966 Mustang, you will need to search for 1966 Mustang data plate codes to properly decode your pony car.

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