1965 Fastback Suspension Updating

by Todd
(Vancouver b.c.)


I live in Vancouver b.c. and own a 65 Mustang Fastback.

I have it gutted and am in the process of rust repair. I would like to put in the one piece floor pan and was looking to update the suspension so it can handle like a new car and stop like a new car.

And was wondering what was available and any tips would be great thx . Todd


Hi Todd

You have quite a few options available. The "classic" way to update your suspension is to use a (yes it sounds crazy) Mustang II conversion kit.

Over the years these units have proven to be a real workhorse for hot rodders and Mustang builders alike.

There are many manufacturers of kits for early Mustangs like yours.

There are also now, kits to adapt '99 and newer Mustang and Cobra suspensions to your car.

Stopping power improvements are simple and plentiful. Popular conversions are 4 wheel disc conversions using Granada and Lincoln Versailles discs, spindles and hardware.

There are also other types of complete disc brake upgrade kits for front wheel equipped cars and complete conversions for 4 wheel drum cars.

There are many kits available to convert classic Mustangs to new high performance suspension systems. The following are for example only. I haven't used these products, so I can't make a recommendation as to their performance or ease of assembly.

But for example, makers such as Rod & Custom Motorsports in South Carolina, make a really complete kit that eliminates the need for the top shock towers (helpful if you want to go wild on the engine size and header configurations.

Or if you want to check out a Canadian one, try TCI ( Total Cost Involved in Ontario ) for a nice complete independent suspension package with choices available for the front and rear suspension.

That really doesn't even scratch the surface of the choices you have. But there are some great choices, limited only by your budget.

Good Luck!

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