Vinyl Dye

For Mustang Interior Restoration

Restoring inner quarter panels in your Mustang is easy. Vinyl dye is the key to making that panel look as good as new. And if you're careful, you can probably do it without removing the panel from the interior.

interior quarter panel

Never heard of it before?

Well, first of all, its not really a dye. In fact, vinyl dye is basically a paint that has additives in it, to make it more flexible than your garden variety touch up paint.


1. Before dying the vinyl, thoroughly clean the quarter panel with mild dish soap and water and dry it off with a clean towel. You may need to use a toothbrush to get into the finer grooves to remove all the accumulated grease and grime.

2. Mask off all brightwork, such as chrome trim, window regulator handles and rubber that you don't want to see painted.

3. Mask off the surrounding area with newspaper and a good quality masking tape or painter's tape.

4. Make sure you go right up into the headliner. (you don't want your white headliner to end up misty red or black do ya?)

5. Carefully spray the dye in even light strokes, with about a half spray width overlap. Small drips can usually be wicked off with a piece of masking tape if caught before they start to dry.

6. Allow the first coat to dry and note any thin or uneven areas.

7. Apply a second coat, following the instructions in number 5.

8. Once your Mustang inner quarter panel starts to become tacky, very carefully remove the masking tape from the trim and bright work, being careful not to drag it across the tacky paint.

9. Once the panel is completely dry (30 mins.) carefully remove the masking tape.

10. Voila ! Brand new interior quarter panel. Pretty cool stuff huh?

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