Used mustang parts

Used Mustang parts can sometimes be a better choice when restoring your classic.

At other times, there's no good alternative in new aftermarket or genuine Ford parts and pre owned will be all you can find.

Fortunately, Mustangs are still plentiful and old or new, chances are that you can still get what you need at a decent price.

Below, I've listed some parts that I've used in the process of my 1965 Mustang and others. Where there are situations that you may want to weigh the pros and cons, I've written a few for you to consider.

Classic used Mustang Parts


Windshield : an original has thicker glass and has the Carlite logo that is necessary for a concours restoration and can be one of the more popular used mustang parts. But It also has scratches,possiblly some chips and could be brittle. Nonetheless, this is one of the better used Mustang parts choices if you are being judged for originality.

Rear window glass : as with the front, glass is probably thicker and can be easier to seal and install trim. Cons are the same as above.

side door glass : Has original fit and thickness.

Window Trim

Window trim : original fit, probably less expensive, but usually has to be refinished, to make it look good. Many times you will find some small dent or bend that happened when the part was removed from the donor car.

Some sellers have strange ideas about the value of stainless steel trim. Also, reproduction trim can be less expensive and look better.

Body Parts:

Replacement Fender

Front fender : The front fenders, if in good shape can be re used. Watch out for rusted out panels at the bottom of the car.

Also be careful of parts almost rusted through. If the paint has not been removed,look for signs of dents, bondo bodywork repairs,and other issues that will have to be dealt with, when the paint comes off.

Small slits in the paint, are usually a sign that moisture had made its way under the paint and body filler and will mean that it must be ground down to the bare metal and redone.

New front fenders, usually only need to be bolted on.

Quarter Panels

Rear quarter panel : I would only use a used quarter panel if there was no alternative. Where new parts are clean, can have a nice formed lip to make a better, smoother joint, old quarters have no such advantages.

Having just redone some body work on one of the quarter panels on my 65 where a piece had been welded to either fix a rust issue or an old dent, I'm convinced more than ever that a new part is worth the expense.

Front and Rear Bumpers

Front bumper : New or used bumper ? That is something that many people restoring a Mustang can't agree on.

The purists say that the old original bumpers are thicker and of course have that genuine Ford Motor Company sticker on the inside.

Others say that since you can get them now with the better quality reproductions, its not worth the trouble of buying a used bumper.

Re chroming the bumper used to be a good option, but many areas, states and provinces don't allow chroming due to environmental concerns. And re-chroming a bumper can cost more than replacing it with a new one.

Rear bumper : As above, there are the same factors. You can find plenty of reproduction bumpers for your Mustang and there are sources of good used bumpers as well, including old car wreckers or junk yards, craigslist, ebay and others.

Front and Rear Valence

Front valence and rear valences : Finding a good used valence is tough. Although the supply of them is not bad, most of them are either bent, dented, cracked or rusty.

A new reproduction valence is quite inexpensive and gives you the options of adding features that your original car didn't have, such as Mustang GT cut outs and chrome tips. Or back up lights, which are located in the rear valence on early cars.

Mustang grille

Grills : A new front grill is cheap and looks good without any modifications. And I find that people parting out old mustangs seem to think they are selling gold, not a grille. I'd recommend looking into new ones. PLus you'll probably need the little hardware kits and probably a new grille to radiator support bracket.

If your intent is more of a restomod, then you may want to investigate an aluminum billet grille.

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