Turbo Mustang Kits

I've included some good information on Turbo Mustang kits that you may want to check out. If you haven't already read the section on how to choose the right turbo, I'd suggest you click this link to get more information on the types, uses and sizes for a Mustang turbo, before checking out the kits.

If you've already done your research and want to compare some of the offerings of the different parts manufacturers, you can find them below.

Like the other sections, I'll be adding some background information on these companies so you know what they are all about.

Turbo Mustang Kits and Manufacturers:


Garret is a Honeywell company and has been making turbos since 1936. They've also been known through AiResearch and Allied Signal. With over 6,000 employees, you can bet they know turbochargers.

Although they make more turbochargers than any other company in the world, including many OEM applications,Garrett only makes a few of its own kits.

Generally, they license the use of their products in others kits including those for turbo Mustangs. Of the kits they do make in house, none are for the pony car.

Depending on the licensee, these kits are producing from 400 to 900 horsepower in 4.5 and 5.0 liter cars.


Turbonetics has been producing turbochargers for over 30 years and are linked to Spearco.

Although Spearco now seems to be their intercooler division, they used to be known for turbochargers in the 70's for small motors.

Their most recent claim to fame is forged billet compressor wheels, which are stronger than cast and also stronger than a machined billet part. It allows more air flow and has a thinner blade which makes it cooler and more efficient,making for more horsepower for any given size of turbo.

Their turbos range from small street units to 3,500 horsepower single turbo race applications.

Their listed kit applications are for 2005 and newer Mustang GT cars and post 550 horsepower specs,

They also manufacture turbos that can be built to power any year Mustang.

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