The 2010 Sounds of Summer

Mustang Show

Vancouver and area saw the The 2010 Sounds of Summer Mustang Show this June 27,2010. Proceeds went to the Make a Wish Foundation.

A small drizzle didn't diminish the great collection of Ford Mustang restorations, originals and tuner cars. 2011 roush 427R engine

Some of the highlights included a new 2011 Roush 427R from a local car dealer, some nice 1964 1/2 Mustangs and Everything in between.

First Generation Ford Mustang

1964 1/2 Mustang

1964 1/2 mustang convertible 1964 mustang 260 V8 engine

1964 1/2 mustang GT 1964.5 mustang generator

1965 Mustangs

1965 Ford Mustang 1965 ford mustang convertible

1966 - 1968

1966 mustang fog lights 1968 Mustang GT 68 mustang fastback 1968 shelby gt500

1969 - 1970

1969 mustang coupe 1970 boss side 1970 boss 429 1970 boss grille

1974 - 1978 Mustang II

mustang II mustang ii 1975 mustang cobra charlies angels cobra charlie's angels mustang mustang 2 unrestored mustang 11 mustang cobra interior custom Ford Mustang 2

2005 And Up

2010 ford mustang 2010 mustang 2011 ford mustang 2011 roush stage 2 new mustang billet grille

Didn't See Your Car?

Limited by time and memory (camera memory, not mine) , I wasn't able to get pics of all the Mustangs at the show.

If you have a picture of your car you'd like included, or would like to add some information about your ride, use the form below to contribute.

Add Information About Your Car

You can add a picture too.

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