My Title for my 2006 Mustang GT comes up as GT/Cobra?

by Sean Richardson
(Tucson, Az)


We recently purchased a 2006 Mustang GT.

The exhaust is not stock, it's much larger, and the previous owner told us the car was putting out about 305 HP.

But when we took it to get registered, the DMV told us that it came up as GT/Cobra.

I know the 8th letter in a Cobra VIN is "D", whereas ours is "H". Why does the VIN show up as GT/Cobra?


The engine code "H" is the same code for the GT with the 300 horsepower V8 and the 325 horsepower Shelby V8.

The 2006 Ford Mustang Shelby is also coded as a T82 (coupe GT), so that's probably the reason for the misinformation.

The 2006 Cobra engine, was a slightly massaged GT engine, with a Ford racing cold air kit. The GT500 is a completely different engine (5.4 liter V8).

No one in their right mind, is going to convert a Mustang Shelby to look like a standard, GT, so if your Mustang has been upgraded, great, but don't count on it as being a Shelby.

If you really think you have a Shelby, you can check out the Shelby registry at:

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