Mustang V6 Performance Package

There's a new gun coming to town and it's called the 2011 Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package.

What's so special about the new Mustang V6 performance option that makes this package worth the extra cost? Quite a bit actually, and its comforting to know, that you can still be environmentally conscious while enjoying it.

Chassis Refinement Produce Good Results

You'll be pleased to note that the new performance option, combines the chassis, braking and stiffening upgrades found only on the Ford Mustang GT with a bit of Shelby GT500 throuwn in for good measure.

Good to see too, because this isn't one of those sport options that throw on a couple of stripes and even more hype.

Ford took the already proven 2011 Mustang GT pieces, and then combined those with others, made specifically for the new V6, to create some real value in this Ford Mustang V6 performance package.

A Factory Installed Option

This is not some dealer installed add-on trim, it's a factory installed option designed specifically for the 2011 Mustang V6 and includes:

Shelby GT500 rear lower control armsMustang Gt front struts and rear shocks and springs.Mustang GT coupe front and rear stabilizer barsMustang GT front and rear calipers with high performance friction liningA strut tower brace to improve body stiffnessA 3.31:1 rear end ratioPirelli performance radials for better grip coupled to new 19" wheelsTwo stage electronic stability control with a sport mode (similar to high end Mercedes cars)

Engine Performance:

In case you're wondering why there was no additional engine work, you've probably guessed that with the new V6 engine producing 95 more horsepower than the 2010 Mustang's V6 and 5 more horsepower than most of the V8 powered Gt Mustangs produced since 2005, there's some pretty impressive grunt right out of the box. The real refinements come in getting all that power to the ground, but certainly the higher numerical rear gear will boost the seat of the pants feel, as well as the quarter mile times, should you be so inclined.

Curb weight is slated to be under 3,500 lbs, which gets the car darned close to that magic 10 lbs per horsepower. Coupled to the new 6 speed transmissions, this should be a very entertaining ride!

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