Mustang Tuner Books

Mustang Tuner Books except, are a little harder to come by than your typical pony car issues,so I'll be adding them as I come across them.

Below you'll find books that talk about Shelby Mustangs from 1965 and covers these rare and expensive beasts right up to the Shelby Super Snake. special edition tuner book

Saleen, Roush and other Specials and Tuner cars are featured.
Mustang Special Editions: Hot, Rare & Collectible

mustang shelby book
When Carroll Shelby stopped production of his 2 seater Cobras, he transferred the name to his Ford Mustang creations.
Mustang Masterpieces: Featuring the Cars of Carroll Shelby

shelby mustang model

Shelby Mustang

shelby mustang racer book

Shelby Mustang: Racer for the Street

cobra and shelby volume

Cobra and Shelby Mustang 1962-2007 Photo Archive: Including Prototypes and Clones

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