Mustang ll "Hell-anor II" Project

by Tony Hall
(Port Coquitlam BC)

Mustang ll Hell-anor Paint Detail

Mustang ll Hell-anor Paint Detail


I was reading some of the info on your site and noticed a couple of my cars pictured. The 1978 Mustang Monroe Handler(now sold), and the 1978 Yellow King Cobra(my wife's).

I wanted to let you know that the latest "Project" at the shop is called "Hell-anor II" I have sent over a few pics of the car with no drivetrain or wheels which will go on soon.
Should be ready by Summer.


Hey Tony! Great to hear from you again. Another great project from the Forgottenponyshop will ensure that the "little Mustang" is never forgotten.

I can't imagine how many hours you must have into the paint on your new Mustang 11.

Update us with some more pictures as your build-up progresses. Looking forward to seeing it this summer.


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