Mustang Disc Brake

Converting to a Mustang disc brake setup from front drum brakes something that can be done by an enthusiast with hand tools and average mechanical ability.

The simplest method is to buy and install a conversion kit, which contains all the parts you'll need to get the job done.

Typically the kit will include 2 new rotors,calipers,a new 2 piston master cylinder and all the lines and hardware that you'll need to complete the conversion.

Conversion Kits

1965 Ford Mustang Disc  Brake Conversion Kit

1965 Ford Mustang Disc Conversion Kit

SSBC Mustang front disc brake kit-- includes standard finish brake rotors with 4 x 4.5 in. bolt hole pattern, 10.25 in. diameter, and 0.875 in. thickness that feature uni-directional straight vane venting, Single-Piston cast iron calipers with 57 mm piston size, high performance pads, master cylinder, mounting brackets, flex hoses and lines, 7 in. single diaphragm power booster, bearings, seals, and all hardware needed; Rotors available with optional Turbo slotting and Xtra Life plating; For vehicles with automatic transmission, 4 lugs and 6 cylinder; Will not fit stock 13 in. wheels; With Stainless Steel Brake product's 1-year limited warranty.

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