Mustang Car Cover

Looking for a Mustang car cover? Finding a quality cover that fits well, looks good and lasts at a decent price can sometimes be a problem.

Here are some great products that will protect your car and your budget.

Saleen Form Fitting Covers

You probably didn't realize it, but Saleen.... yes that Saleen, make more than those incredible looking and performing Saleen Mustangs, they also make fantastic car covers for your Ford Mustang.

1994 To 2004 Mustang

If your Mustang is between 1994 and 2004 you're in luck. These babies are dual layered and of course, water repellent. Click on the picture or this Mustang car cover link. to check it out(opens in a new window).

Saleen - Car Cover [94- 04 Ford Mustang]

Have a New Mustang? This Saleen Mustang Car Cover fits 2005 - 2006 cars.

Something New in car covers!

Tired of fender covers falling off when you're working on your car? This cool item from Saleen, fits your Mustang and covers the entire front clip including the front fenders and bumper fascia.

Its great for protecting your paint from dings and scratches from tools, belt buckles, your neighbor and anything else that could ruin a perfectly good paint job.

Saleen Front End Masks - Service Car Cover [94-04 Ford Mustang]
Click the picture or this Mustang service car cover link for full details for 1994 - 2004 cars.

Covercraft Covers

Covercraft makes a nice line of Pony Car covers to fit cars from 2005 to 2010. Unlike many cover manufacturers who make one cover for one make, these guys make several. Check them out.

Some of their most popular covers are the very cool, Evolution 4 interior car cover for convertible car owners who want to keep the top down.
Ford Mustang Covercraft Evolution 4 Convertible Interior Car Cover

Also, there's the StormProof Car Cover for severe weather extremes.

and there's the Silverguard Plus Car Cover, which is a high quality, reflective cover with an ultra soft inner liner.
2009 Ford Mustang Coverking Silverguard Plus Car Cover

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