Mustang Automatic Shift Nob Replacement

by Fancy

Mustang automatic shift nob replacement uestions:

I want to make what I thought was a simple modification but I am running into trouble finding answers.

I have a 2007 Mustang, automatic transmission. I want to change the gear shift knob, (not the whole transmission, just the handle at the top of the shifter) currently my model has the t-shaped shifter and I want to replace it with a balloon shaped knob.

I know I can take off the old knob but what happens with all that decorative molding around the shifter itself. What does it look like under all the trim? I've tried to find a schematic/diagram of the shifter but with no luck! Any ideas?

Mustang automatic shift nob replacement for the 2005 and newer "new Mustang" is not something done often for some reason.

And I agree that the stock one like the one on my 2005 Mustang and your 2007 is not the nicest automatic shifter around looks wise. (mind you, its miles better looking than the ones on the previous generation)

You basically have a couple of choices for changing out the shifter handle and assembly. You can either install something like a TCI rachet shifter, which replaces the stock unit with a better looking assembly, but if you don't like messing around with the ratchet mechanism, it may not be your best choice.

The other possibility is to do something like others have done to fabricate a new shifter handle themselves and then use a conventional knob.

I've included a video below that details one guy's installation from a product made by another guy on one of the forums. It's a good look into the mechanism underneath the 2007 Mustang automatic shifter as well as seeing what exactly it does, in case you want to design your own.

The new Mustang automatic shifter handle, is just a modified downward push button type shifter handle, which has a mechanism that pushes an actuator that converts the Mustang's sideways motion into a downward one. That means that you could potentially also use another stock setup that has a push down button.

Some other owners are using a Ford Flex or Ford Fusion type shifter assembly and are having success with that.

Here's a video of the Mustang automatic shift nob replacement.

Hope this helps with your automatic shifter nob replacement plans !

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