Mustang 289 Mystery Motor

by L . McChesney
(Vancouver Island)

1965 High Performance 289 V8

1965 High Performance 289 V8


Can someone please help me by telling me what these letters and numbers mean?

I have a small block ford. The block reads C5AE-6015-E / SE21 /

- front tab SF1090

- the heads read 289 65 C50E 20 A (3/4/v)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Boy, are you going to like my answer!

Your Engine Block:

First off, the block is a 6 bolt bell housing, 1965 vintage Ford 289 V8. But that's not all...

Based on your casting number C5AE-6015-E , this 289 v8 engine could be either a 2v, 4v or hipo motor (the same block casting for all three, just heavier main bearing caps for the high performance hipo version)

SE21 is actually, 5E21 which means the casting code is dated May 21, 1965.

The casting code breaks down like this:

5 = 1965
E = May
21 = 21st

Now the fun part... The heads.

A C5OE-A casting, means that you have 54.5 cc heads, with the larger 1964-1967 vintage 1.78 intake and 1.45 exhaust valves.

The engine also has screw-in studs and integral valve-spring cups, particular only to these heads.

What does this all mean?

It means you have a 1965 Ford Mustang 289 V8 hipo engine, a very sought after factory performance engine!

If you have the car that goes with it (finished or restoration in progress) , send some pics and I'll put it up on the page with your information.

Hope to see it in a Mustang, cruising up the Island highway some day!

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289 k code
by: j noffsinger

i have a 289 k code with no home that i would be willing to part with for the right price. anyone seriously interested can email me and i will send some pics. (edited to prevent spam)
(jnoffsinger-wcre at myway dot com)

More On My Mustang 289 K code Motor
by: Lyle

Thank you for your help.

The tab on the front of the block actually reads SF18090 not SF1090. Unfortunately I don't have anything to put this engine into. I bought it for a friend who then had to decline.

Some one has spent a rather large sum of money on this motor. Head work was done in Canoga Park Cal. at Valley Head Service.

Not sure about block, lots of work there as well.

You're welcome. If you don't have a home for the 289 k code engine and are looking to sell it, let me know.


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