Mustang 271 hp, K Code Engine Identification


i just bought a 1951 Merc pickup. It needs restoring, which I do.

The seller says the engine is out of his first Mustang which was a 1967 and the 3 speed automatic transmission to is hooked together.

My question is how do you tell from the block if its a k code block, is it stamped or what??


The "K" Code block casting was used on more than the hipo motor.

Start with the serial number that's stamped onto the top surface of the engine block, near the crankcase breather tube. See whether the vin number reflects the 1967 vintage.

Since K code block casting numbers can be the same as the standard v8, it's better to check for the distinctive heads, which were only available in the hipo motors.

These k code heads have screw in rocker studs, cast in valve spring pockets and should have a number 19,20, or 21 cast into the rear outside corner of the heads.

These engines also have solid lifter cams, dual point distributors, and an extra weight on the crankshaft balancer. If the carburetor is original, it should be a 600cfm Autolite 4100.

If it's a real 1967 Mustang hi-po engine, its also extremely rare.

There were a grand total of only 489 cars built with this combination, compared to over 5,000 in 1966 and over 7,000 in 1965.

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