Montego to 1968 Ford Mustang steering swap

by Steve B
(London, Ontario)


I have a 1968 Mustang that was originally power steering and power disc brakes.

All of the suspension, steering and drive train is gone.

I am using a 1968 Montego with P/S and power disc brakes as a donor. I have confirmed that the drive train and suspension/brakes is a straight swap, but I am uncertain about the steering.

Valve and ram are the same, but I can't find any info about the rest.

Will the center link, sway bar, pitman arm and idler arm fit and function properly?? How about steering box and the lower shock tower brace?

Can't find any interchange info on this part of the swap.

Thanks for your help.


I've never seen a Montego power steering and suspension swapped into a 1968 Mustang but clearly, there are many of the same parts used.

I do know that the Montego steering box has a different stamping and is considered a :"short shaft box", while the Mustang is a "long shaft box". But as it sounds like the other components are the same, you may be able to find a Mustang steering box and mate it to the Montego linkage.
(unless someone else has found a workaround)

Here's what I'd suggest:
If you have a friendly neighborhood parts guy that will let you open some boxes, I'd suggest taking down those Montego parts and putting the center link, sway bar, pitman arm and idler arm parts side by side with the new 1968 Mustang steering parts and see what you can swap.

Also, ask them if they have a parts interchange, or a hotline number.

If you get lucky, you'll get to speak to one of the old guys that used to work on them or sell those parts and found an interchange over the years that was never "officially documented".

When I was in the business, we'd also try looking at the illustrated parts guide, pull similar looking steering parts out and see if they crossed over. Ford, was famous for using what we called the "parts bin of the day" for using multiple parts to do the same job.

Good Luck !

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Can anyone else add Information ?

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