Ford Mustang UK Import

Buying a Mustang from a Ford Mustang UK importer is one way, but not the only way to become the proud owner of a new or used pony car.

The fact that the Mustang isn't an official import may actually work in your favor.

Import Yourself Or Buy From An Importer ?

Importing your favorite Mustang yourself, isn't that difficult, and the biggest benefit, is the significant amount of money you can save.

Buying your Mustang from an importer has several advantages that will be discussed later, but, you will trade off ease of importation for a higher cost.

If you are buying your US Mustang for immediate shipping, you can avoid paying the US sales tax. This is good for two reasons.

First any savings reduces the cost of the vehicle.

Second, you avoid double taxation, as you will unfortunately, still need to pay the VAT tax on the landed value of your car.

I forgot one. You might also choose to buy a used, previously imported Mustang.

That can be a good option as well, but be especially careful to ensure that you have a vehicle that you know is OK. Or that you have full knowledge of what needs to be done.

Naturally, finding restoration pieces and other spares, will be more challenging than running down to your favorite parts dealer.

Importers and Dealers

There are a number of Ford Mustang UK dealers, who will not only speed the paperwork through your port and customs house, but will make the necessary vehicle modifications, which will allow it to pass applicable IVA or SVA testing inspections.

Note: while we're talking about the Ford Mustang, the same procedures also apply to a Shelby Mustang, such as the GT500, or your favorite supercharged Roush Mustangs.

Importing A Mustang Is Easier Than You Think

Your first step, should be ordering a free vehicle import package from the www. website, located within the "Registering an imported vehicle" tab, in the "Motoring" category.

If your Mustang is less than ten years old, it will require some modifications to ensure it will pass the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval).

If your Mustang is over 10 years old it won't need an SVA. A MOT certificate is sufficient to register the vehicle.

None of these are particularly onerous.

UK Vehicle Import Modification: The Basics

I'll cover the basics, without going into great detail, as the downloadable guide is very specific.

Exterior Lighting

Depending on the model year of the Ford Mustang UK imported, a side light will need to be added either by including it within the headlight housing (2005 and up), or a separate light and housing is added to the front fender.

A turn indicator repeater is required on the vehicle sides. Most importers add and wire them individually through the body sides just below the GT or 5.0 logo. One of my favorites is the stylish, newer 3 series BMW units.

You could also add aftermarket side mirrors with built in repeaters, to reduce the need for cutting your pristine pony car's body panels.

Turn Signal Colour

In a similar manner to many Japanese import vehicles, the rear signal light wiring, can be moved from the red turn indicators to one of the sockets for the reversing lamps, replacing the bulb with an orange substitute. This link has more details on adapting 1992 Mustang fox body tail lights.

Fog Lamp

A rear fog lamp must be fitted to the right hand side of the vehicle.

New or Modified License Number Plates

Some importers use a Japanese style number plate on the front and rear of the vehicles, and are UK legal.

Legal/Title Issues

Proof of title and ownership is required for imported cars, as you might expect.

UK Motor Vehicle Insurance

Two to three types of car insurance may need to be purchased for coverage from the US dealer to the shipper, transport/shipping cargo insurance and coverage from the docks to where the modifications or testing will be held.

A number of car insurance outlets can arrange this coverage for you. You may also be able to get insurance online.

While a Ford Mustang UK import may not be for everyone, you can be sure that you won't be seeing the same car everywhere you motor!

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