Ford Mustang 2010

by Damian Port-Louis
(Seychelles Mahe Victoria)

Good morning Sir:

I'm a big fan of the Ford Mustang GT. And I'm planning to buy one and take it home with me next year.

Normally I don't like 2 door cars, but like I said, I love the Mustang too much to just let it go.

And worst of all, the 2010 Ford Mustang gear is on the right. In my country we drive on the left.

My question is..

Does Ford make the Mustang GT 2010 with 4 doors + gear on the left? Or do i have to go directly to the company for special purchase?

Thank you so much for your time. I will really appreciate your help. If i knew you I'd visit you and thank you personally.



Hi Damian

The 2010 Mustang is a great car and worth the effort to have. The car is only available as a 2 door car, but it does have a fair bit of room in the rear seat area.

If you have passengers over 6 feet tall, head room won't be great, but leg room is fine.

Ford doesn't build them, direct from the factory with the gear on the right, but there are a number of companies in the UK and Australia that build them and sell them.

If you have the time, and you are mechanically inclined, or you have a shop in your area that is capable of doing the job, there are conversion kits available for the new Mustang.

I can't give a personal recommendation, because I've never used them, but you could look into , I know they sell a 2005 Mustang conversion kit and probably have one for the 2010 by now.

Good Luck!

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