Ford Granada to 67 Mustang -Disc Brake Swap Questions

by Logan Jones
(Ormond Beach, Florida)


I want to thank you for the response below, on yahoo answers.

I'm 15 years old and my dad is teaching me a lot and he says to use forums as much as possible.

So thank you again.

On using the Ford Granada hub, is there specific year?

And yes my dad wants me to have disc brakes instead of drums before I can drive it.

I hope he's kidding. But I'm on a budget and this should be a cheaper way of doing it.

I'll take any suggestions you have.

Thanks, Logan from Answers:

I assume you are asking that because you want to do a drum to disc brake conversion.

There are conversion kits available that are simple bolt ins. But also popular are using Ford Granada and LIncoln Versailles spindles and hubs. Up to 1968, you can use some Maverick ones too.

You will also need the power brake master cylinder and brake booster as well as the proportioning valve. You may also need to go to a larger diameter set of wheels for a safe caliper to rim clearance.


Hi Logan!

Thanks for the reply.

I'll answer this as specifically as possible, but keep us bookmarked, as I'll be doing an in depth article on the Granada disc brake swap in the near future.

The 1975-80 Ford Granada has some nice 11" rotors and are inexpensive parts you can still find in your local older car auto wrecker's yard.

If you're lucky, you'll find one with good used rotors. Otherwise, you'll have to hit the parts store.

If you can find one of the yards where you can remove the pieces yourself, you can save some substantial cash.

Oh, and also, you'll need the Granada/Monarch/Versailles tie rod ends. Go with new ones.

Good Luck!

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67 Coupe
by: Allan

I have a 67 base coupe, looking to change over to power/disc brakes. Reading a bit about the granada swap. What years can I use, and do they have to be 5 lug to use the same spindles ? Thanks

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