Ford 289 K Code Block

by Rick Franke
(Alberta, Canada)


Ok, I would like to thank you for helping me find out that I don't have a 289 k code block.

I want to continue to use this engine in the 51 Merc project. I have to rebuild it,and would like to squeeze a bit more hp from her.

Can I ask for a nice combination? Can I stroke it? Aand if so, what crank,? cam ? hi rise intake manifold and size of carb?

I think it's stock, so go 30 or 40 over? I would like at least 250hp or better, but still want it dependable, and fairly inexpensive.

Can i use, or still order the heavy main seal bearing caps, or no way because of bolt size? thanks for your last quick info.


Even without a 289 K code engine, getting 250 horsepower out of a 289 is easy to do, with bolt on parts,such as a bigger carburetor, intake manifold, headers and some better breathing.

Stroker kits are actually pretty inexpensive, especially when you were going to rebuild that 289 block anyway.

Your basic stroker kit would be a 331 stroker, based on a .030 over bore on your rebuild.

If you're not planning on a full on race motor, you can get by just fine with one of the lower priced stroker kits.

Clevite 77 main and rod bearings are always a good bet for the 289.

A decent 331 stroker can put out 300 to 400 horsepower.

If you want to go more extreme, you could always consider a 347 stroker. This used to be known as a "hand grenade motor". Lots of power, but since the rod is so high into the lower ring land on the piston, to get the extra stroke, the smaller area led to poor oiling and more stress on the piston.

Newer, more expensive stroker kits, have their own proprietary pistons, and it doesn't seem to be as much of an issue as before.

If you have the extra cash, get a good set of heads. You could see an extra 100 horsepower, just from this one mod alone.

Good luck with your 289 V8 Mercury project.

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