Finding an RC Mustang Shelby Cobra

by Miss Mele
(New Zealand)

1967 Mustang RC Car

1967 Mustang RC Car


Hi there,
I was just visiting looking through your website and I'm searching for a Mustang Shelby Cobra.

Preferably an old school version. I have seen some that I am really interested in as well, but I was wondering if it's possible if any of the cars are remote controllled?

Something that would have everything, eg: sound, muffler and look as a real sized car but smaller version?

It's for a 21st birthday present. If not do you know any stores that do this?
Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Mels
Although not a classic Cobra, this cool red Mustang seen above is a 1967 Mustang RTR fastback. This Mustang RC (radio controlled car, looks quite similar to the "old skool" Shelby Mustang and is remote powered and has a rechargeable 9.6 volt battery pack.

While it doesn't have the "sound you are looking for, it does have working headlights and at 1/12 scale, it's a nice size, it's quick and looks great. Here's a link to the 1967 Ford Mustang GT RTR RC Car.

Although I didn't find a classic RC powered Mustang Cobra, I did find a newer one. This one, also pictured above, is a 1/18 scale, licensed
Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake.
You can click on the picture for a larger look at the car or on the blue link for complete information on pricing etc.

Hope this helps!


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1967 Shelby Mustang GT-500
by: Daniel

Hi guys,

I need help, where can I get this 1967 Shelby Mustang cover for my 1:10 RC car.

I saw once this shell from a website a long time ago. But now I can't find back the web page.


Please do drop me an e-mail if found or u guys have it : daniel_wong_my at

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