Faded Convertible Headliner Restoration

Question Re: Faded Convertible Headliner Restoration

My 1992 Mustang convertible headliner is faded, but it is in otherwise in good condition. Is there a way to dye it effectively?


As you know, the sun, over time, naturally bleaches and fades the color from your convertible top and headliner.

The problem you will face, in re-dying the material, is the fact that unlike restoring a door panel, or even a seat cover, the material in both the top and headliner is constantly folded, bent and stretched. This presents issues when trying to restore the original color.

Three Methods for restoring the original Mustang Colors:

1. I would recommend applying very light mist coats of vinyl or leather dye. What you want to accomplish, is bringing up the color without creating too much build up of the vinyl dye.

If you end up with too much of a skin, you may find it cracking or peeling off after a fairly short time, from use.

2. Alternatively, you can try to locate a spray on carpet dye, brushing it on, once applied, if necessary, in order to get a nice even coverage.

3. Do this last. If the other recommended methods do not produce a satisfactory result, or you can't find a good vinyl or carpet dyeing kit, it may also be possible to use one of the commercially available treatments, such as armor all, or similar products.

I say do this as a last resort, as these products usually have a silicone type base, which if tried first, can leave residue that will prevent adhesion of the other two products.

Your final possibility is checking out your local vinyl and leather repair place and seeing if they can restore the headliner material on your 1992 Ford Mustang convertible at a reasonable price. The really good guys can do miracles!

Hope that helps!


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