Engine Year id

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Ford Engine Casting Numbers

Ford Engine Casting Numbers

Engine Year id

How do I identify what year is a 5.0 engine I bought without a vin ?

Ford Engine Year Identification

Ford engines are relatively easy to identify based on their engine casting numbers.

As you see on the engine in the picture above, there are a series of numbers cast into the Ford engine block. Your first 4 numbers are the most important in Foprd engine identification.

The First letter designates the decade that the engine was built. The second digit further defines the engine into the year that it was built in that decade. So for instance a 1965 Ford engine will begin with the letter C, which says that it was built in the 1960s. A letter B would mean the 1950s and D is the 1970s.

So the engine in the picture was built in 1969. The third position is a letter between A-Z and indicates which vehicles in it was designed or built to be used. This particular engine was found in both the Ford Fairlaine and the Ford Torino. A Ford Mustang would have had the familiar letter Z.

The fourth place identifies which part or assembly the part was from. All engines will have the letter E as seen in the 1969 Ford engine casting.

So the first order of business in identifying the engine in your van, is to find that casting number and use the first 4 letters and numbers to identify it.

If you need help in breaking down the engine casting numbers, just post a comment to this reply and I will see what I can do to find you the information you need.

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